11+ Subjects

The 11+ examination usually consists of a combination of two or more of these four subjects:

English, Mathematics, Non-verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. In many cases the school or local education authority will set the questions themselves, but in other cases the exams are set by the NFER (National Foundation For Educational Research) or the CEM Research Group (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring), which is based at Durham University.

Please be aware that there are two formats for these tests: - Standard Format and Multiple Choice Format. These are based on the way the child answers the questions.
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What sort of questions will my child expect to face in the 11+ exam?

Below are details of the types of questions your child will usually have to attempt in the 11+ exam, with more detailed samples for you to look at.

English - In 11+ English there is usually a comprehension where a passage of text or information is set with several questions based on the passage. Also expect questions based on punctuation, parts of speech and English grammar.

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- Most 11+ Maths papers test the child on all aspects of Maths including the four rules (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, percentages, shape, area, graphs, money, measurement and time.

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Non-verbal Reasoning
- The 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning test does not have any written questions, but instead has logic type questions based on shape, patterns, numbers, symmetry and sequences.

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Verbal Reasoning
- There are around fifty possible types of questions used in 11+ Verbal Reasoning tests. These include letter and number sequences, analogies, letter and number codes, odd one out, middle/size order, word endings/beginnings and anagrams.

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We would like to recommend a book called "The 11+ - a practical guide for parents" by 11+ expert, Mark Chatterton. It goes into great detail about how the 11+ exam works, how you can apply for it, and how you can best prepare your child for the exam. It is packed full of helpful tips for both parents and child and has many useful links as well. You can buy from your local bookshop, or from Amazon, Waterstones or WH Smiths. If it is not in stock, order it using the ISBN number 978-190811139.

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