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On this page you can find details of other exams relevant to a child in upper junior school/prep school and lower senior school.

SATs Tests - Key Stage 2 (ages 10/11) Children in Year 6 of primary school take their SATs tests in the Summer term during the month of May. They are tested in Reading, Writing (including handwriting), Spelling, Maths, Mental Arithmetic and Science. The tests are sent away to be marked externally and the results are given to the parents before the end of the summer term. They are also passed onto their new Secondary school. The average level for a year 6 child nationally is level 4.

The Common Entrance exam is an exam taken by pupils aged 11+ or 13+ for entrance into an independent or private school. It is a way of assessing if the candidate is academically able to cope with the work in the school for which s/he is entered. The exam will usually take place at his/her Prep school in the spring or summer term prior to entering the new school. All candidates take the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Then at 13+ they may offer a mixture of the following subjects - French, Geography, German, Greek, History, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Religious Studies, Spanish. The school for which the candidate is entering will mark the exam papers and the results will be sent to the prep school head a few weeks later.

For more information on the Common Entrance exam and to see examples of past papers please contact the the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB), which sets the Common Entrance exams on 01425 621111 For their web site press here

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