Private Schools

Information about private schools which administer a selection test at 11+

On this page you will find information about private schools which admit pupils via an 11+ type selection test.

Most private schools have a selection test for pupils at age 11+ or 13+ who wish to enter their school. As it is a private or indpendent school, fees will have to be paid. These can range from £2,000 to £5,000 a term, depending on whether your child is a day pupil or border. Many independent grammar schools were once state schools but decided to go private in the 1960's and 1970's. Many grammar schools date back 500 years or more, when grammar schools were places where the young of the rich could learn the grammar of another language, usually Latin and Greek.

Here is a list of known independent or private grammar schools which admit pupils at age 11+ (or 13+) via a selective test.

Bradford Grammar School

Bristol Grammar School for Girls and Boys

Bury Grammar School for Boys

Bury Grammar School for Girls

Manchester Grammar School

Newcastle Royal Grammar School

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield

Royal Grammar School, Guildford

Royal Grammar School, Worcester

Thetford Grammar School

Wakefield Girls Grammar School

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